Inspiring a journey for life-long learning for our early young children


To nurture young children’s learning and development in their physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional ability.


  • Our teachers and children have the right for Respect
  • Children learn Independently
  • There is no limit to nurture and develop young children’s Potential to their fullest
  • Children are the key to world Peace
  • Learning is Life-long
  • As Educators, we are to conduct Ethically
  • Being caring is the key to Social being.

We are in the field of providing early young pre-school education to our neighbourhood since 1996, first located along East Coast at Lucky Height private residential area. The school’s remained there till end of year 2013 where the need for relocation arise which then brought the school to Picardy Garden Estate. It is easily accessible and is within walking distance to Simpang Bedok Market.

Ripples Montessori was originally set up as a boutique and small scale outfit kindergarten, reflecting our belief being small is beautiful. From the child’s perspective, we recognised the need to exercise flexibility to tailor our programmes, be responsive to challenges and be focus on each child in delivering child development education. We do also understand, for the sustainability of the school operations, we have to be efficient and adopt zero tolerance for waste. It’s all about to stay lean and to provide personalised care. We do not believe in propagating standardised approach to each and every child as we respect and recognise that every child is unique in term of learning interest, ability and culture. But one thing we are aware, all children want freedom, they are curious and want to learn.

Our school environment is very much embodies on the philosophy and principals based Dr. Maria Montessori method of education.  We are committed to applying authentic Montessori principles and philosophy without compromise, to benefit the child’s love of learning, his or her need for sociability and graciousness, and to benefit humanity for a better world.

It is our top priority at all times that your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Our environment is prepared entirely with the child in mind and our staff being health and safety certified. Through our programmes, we are committed to educate your young ones an excellent education and guide each child to reach their highest potential for living. In our environment, we placed ‘Peace’ with child is just as important. Here your child is given every opportunity to learn and apply “Grace and Courtesy as a Human Responsibility”.

We believe that self-respect and respect for others is an asset to life-long learning. Here we value the environment for learning should be fun and purposeful. It is our desire that every child can be given the opportunity to be a capable adult not only by being successful academically but also a good person being awareness to compassion, kindness, respect, helping their peers, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, attention to detail and gracefulness.Should you wish to visit our school to know more about our programmes, contact us to make arrangement for an appointment. We will be most delighted to discuss further with you.